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The Story of Chicho's Cocina

We just love tacos!

Well, it goes a little beyond just loving tacos. 

Robert, Chef/Owner of Chicho's, grew up in the kitchen.

When his father, Chicho, opened up his restaurant "Flamboyant" in 1995,

Robert didn't imagine the impact this would have on his life.

He would spend his afternoons and evenings at his father's side in the kitchen,

observing how he cooked, learning his recipes, and witnessing his love of serving others

through the food he made.


Everyday, Robert grew more and more passionate about food as his father was. 

Fast forward to September 2019, Robert was presented with an opportunity to open a small 750 square foot restaurant on Shippan Avenue and something inside him told him to go for it. 

When it came time to pick a name, the answer was immediately clear:

Chicho’s Cocina

He decided to name his restaurant after his father to honor him and

all that he taught him over the years.

After 9 months and many, many obstacles, Chicho's was finally able to open in May 2020, albeit in the middle of a global pandemic. But through the support of the local Stamford community, Chicho's has been able to keep its doors open and serving food they love!


A word

from the owner 

Thank you all for your well wishes and continuous support of our little family-owned restaurant. Every review, every like/comment, and recommendation to family and friends really has gone a long way for us these past few months and we are grateful for all the support our local community has given us.

The road to Chicho's has not been a smooth one but you all have made it a heck of a lot easier and enjoyable. Thank you all.

We look forward to continue serving you food we love!


All you need is love and tacos!

All the best,


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